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If there is something like an absolute truth, it would be that we all love spending our idle hours in front of either a mobile screen or a TV screen. But to sit there comfortably and enjoy your favorite TV shows, you need to have an excellent TV package. That’s the reason you are reading this article, to find which one is the best TV package according to us?

One thing to keep in mind is that these plans are not cheap, good things never are. But one thing’s for sure that if you pick one of these plans, you will change your TV viewing experience forever.

Here are the 5 Best TV Packages

With these packages, you’ll learn how to watch the world differently through your TV screen. Behold the best that Cable TV has to offer. Don’t worry, we will review every single package in detail below!

  • DIRECTV ULTIMATE all included
  • DISH America’s Top 200
  • Spectrum TV Gold
  • AT&T U450 with internet 1000
  • Hulu+ Live TV

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DIRECTV is one of the biggest brands in the world of TV entertainment. Its U.S.P. is the best sports programming provider. There are a bunch of DIRECTV bundle deals, and it is tempting to go with a massive all included package for $134.99/month.

Our recommendation, however, is DIRECTV ULTIMATE the plan is just for $84.99, and it has all the prominent sports networks, NBA TV, NHL network & MLB network. The best part is you’ll even get a year of NFL Sunday Ticket, with no additional cost. If you are a sports geek, then this is the cheapest DIRECTV plan for you. This is the best DIRECTV package for you.

Access to NFL Sunday Ticket
Affordable Pricing

No Pac-12 Network


DISH is America’s fan-favorite provide when it comes to offering Disney channels. If you have kids and they are crazy after cartoons or Animal Planet, then DISH’s America’s TOP 200 is your best bet. You get a wide variety of channels at a very reasonable price. Using DISH’s exclusive DVR, you can set parental restrictions on what kind of content you kids watch or not. The price range starts from $79.99/month.

Age-Based ratings and reviews
DISH Anywhere on the go

Equipment expenses can be very high


Premium channels are always expensive for obvious reasons, but that’s not the case with Spectrum. Also if you are sick & tired of you current plan or provider and you want to switch, Spectrum welcomes you with open arms, Whenever you get a bundle deal with Spectrum, it pays you $500 to rescue you from the cancellation fee of your previous provider.

The plan we recommend is Spectrum TV Gold Package it has over 200 channels including most of the premium ones. The plans starts @ $104.99/month.

Best pricing for premium channels
Plan buyout for all those who want to switch

Low DVR box storage
Brand confusion


Everyone knows about AT&T. It’s services and benefits. AT&T is, without a  doubt, the biggest fish in the sea. The bundle plan from AT&T are best, and they include almost everything you’d need but the only downfall is that not everyone can afford it.

The plan we recommend is U450 It has the most channels than any other plan we have reviewed here. It comes with a DVR Box that stores 330 HD hours, That’s more than enough space for Game of Thrones, Walking dead and FRIENDS combine, with few HDHD movies worth space left.

Maximum channels available
Lightning-fast download speeds
Premium Channels Included

Too Costly

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plan

The only streaming plan in this list and trust me its pretty cool. Instead of HD ready 720p, it offers an impressive 1080p quality, which means more precise quality than the competition.

What sets Hulu apart is its extensive-ranging library, you can find all the popular TV shows and original series. You can record TV shows with a cloud-based DVR box that comes with 50 hours and is upgradable to 200 hours for just $14.99/month.

There are not many Hulu TV Packages, so the one we suggest is Hulu (No ads) + Live TV.

Access to Hulu’s streaming library
Included one of a kind cloud DVR with 50 Hours.
Upgradable to 200 hours.

Premium Add-ons are too costly

How To Find The Best TV Package?

Take a deep breath and think about the most crucial question, “which channels do you need?” once done thinking about that, figure out how many providers are there in your area? If there any providers who you stumbled across this list and everything fits you then close your eyes and pick the perfect plan for yourself.

Still, if you need help and need an “Expert Opinion” on the topic, or if you are looking for Internet Tv Bundle as well then you can visit ClubHDTV and get the expert opinions you need.

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